Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Know How the Moon Must Feel

this is taken from Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It's actually a song and quite beautifully sung by a light n' airy soprano. I include it here because it's delightful and worth sharing for those who haven't heard it.


I know how the moon must feel
Looking down from the heavens
Smiling at the silly things things
We put ourselves through
Missing magic each day
And not seeing the wonder
That’s how the moon must feel

I know how the moon must feel
When he makes someone happy
That’s a feeling I would feel
When you smile at me
I’ll be floating on air
I’ll be beaming with wonder
That’s how the moon must feel

--Don Black & Hummie Mann


Anonymous said...

It is a gorgeous song could you also post the music chords for it?

jeannette said...

It's a great song with a terrific message not just for kids but for us all. I have watched Thomas and the Magic Railroad video with all my grandchildren - it is timeless. I always rewind to hear this song again!