Friday, July 28, 2006

The Wish

I sat alone,
The room was dark.
My feelings raw.
Reality stark.

I cried salt tears,
I screamed aloud.
The silence boomed,
My cries were drowned.

I cried that night,
For all things lost.
To end the pain,
For time forgot.

The man stood near,
His bone hand shone,
One more wish, said he;
And I was gone.

I saw his sheath,
His skull grimace,
Death here had come,
And given grace.

I shook my head,
Fresh tears down gushed.
I gasped with fear.
My feelings rushed

And filled my soul,
My heart near broke.
I wished to LIVE…

…Then I awoke.

I crossed the floor,
The sun shone through,
The window there,
World washed, anew.

I walked outside,
I felt the air.
I took deep breaths,
Melted my cares.

Life was there,
And nearly took,
Stood near the edge,
My soul forsook.

I thanked the Lord,
I cried fresh tears.
He showed the way,
Revealed my fears.

No problem great,
No trial too strong,
No worry test,
No grievous wrong

Could make death come,
Upon my wish,
And thus I walked:
Life force. A fresh.
~ Written recently by my good friend Alice Collison, from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, and published here with her full permission. I think she's an exceptional poet, though she strangely doesn't know it. - Jas...


Big Orange said...

mmmmmmmm.... that's nice. Though, in all fairness, I fully hope that Death will spot me a pint before collecting my soul and we can have a chat the way he does in the Discworld Series. I think he owes me at least that...

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Death, in my idea, is a part of life. Therefore loving and perfect, just as life itself is. I'm sure something so loving and wonderous would buy the first round compadre!


Big Orange said...

I don't think of Death as mean or malevelent, though he might look a bit ragged in his torn up black robes. I think he's just doing his job. Ever read On a Pale Horse (Incantations of Immortality, Book I)?? In that book a young man is about to commit suicide when Death walks in. he shoots Death instead and (a la The Santa Clause) takes over Death's Job!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Ooooh! Interesting!!!